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The Fastest Way to Lay Masonry Brick & Block

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Story-Rite™ Testimonials

“I feel like Story-Rite™ is a great asset to our company. We finally have found something where you don’t have to build time consuming leads. We can build the leads and the wall with Story-Rite™ nearly faster than it used to take us to just build the leads with a level. This innovative system has really sped up our block laying; thus saving me time and money.”

Jon Carlson, Owner

Carlson Contracting

Detailed instructions on how to use the Story-Rite™ masonry story pole system

How To Use

" We built a 40’ x 40’ foundation 6 courses high with 10" block. We estimated it to take 30 hours total to lay all of the block. It only took 21 hours, thanks to these new masonry story poles! These masonry story poles are a no-brainer for any contractor that lays any amount of block!"


684 10" regular block

+24 10" return corners = 708 Block

Estimated 30 hours to lay.

Actual 21 hours to lay.

30-21 = 9 hours of labor saved.

Saved approximately 30%


“These poles will shine even more on a foundation with a lot of corners and jogs!”

World of Wood

General Contractor